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Let us do the heavy lifting for you...

Providing tools, education, community and more to help businesses do "better business”

Why Join Business Done Better?

Monthly Events

Monthly Events

*Virtual global events with expert speakers

*Local chapter workshops

*Local networking events

*Global virtual networking

*Local “Give Back” events promoting the local community
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CRM Discounts

Discounts on CRM System

Save big on the best customer relations management system for your business!

Everything you need on one platform, for one monthly price - no upcharge for additional users/contacts!

Full onboarding included so you can be up and running in as soon as one day!

Members: 10-30% off!
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Visibility Perks

Visibility Perks

*Promote your business at local chapter events!

*Be digitally featured throughout your local chapter and the entire organization!

*Submit blogs!

*Build out your Directory Listing!

*Submit your business into the weekly Member Connect Roulette!
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Revenue Perks

Revenue Perks

Receive monthly recurring payout reward for referring others into the organization!

Upload any virtual course for your business onto our virtual store!
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Chapter-Based Organization

Business Done Better is structured with chapter-based memberships, however there are plenty of perks to also join as a global member until there is a local chapter in your area!

Current chapters in Florida & California, more chapter locations coming soon!

Think you’re Chapter President material? Apply here!

Choose your membership

Basic Membership


Directory Listing
Attend Events FREE
Promotional Opportunities
Connect to members weekly
Submit Blogs ($8/blog)
10% off ToolBoxes
10% off CRM
Referral Rewards (recurring)
Upload Courses for sale
Access to Health Lectures / Fitness / Meditation Classes
Access to Extra Marketing / Business/ Mindset / Productivity Classes
Free Graphics and Videos

Ultimate Membership

Directory Listing
Attend Events FREE
Promotional Opportunities
Connect to members weekly
Submit Blogs (FREE)
30% off CRM
Referral Rewards (recurring)
Upload courses for sale
Access to Health Lectures / Fitness / Meditation Classes
Access to Extra Marketing / Business/ Mindset / Productivity Classes
1 Free Graphic or Video MONTHLY

Interested in becoming a partner?
We have a lot of options to push visibility to your business to a network of 30,000 professionals in South Florida!
(See Partner Page)


Buy 1 year of any membership level or CRM and get 1 year FREE!! (available through Oct 1)

Want LIFETIME access? Ask us how!


Get the Best CRM Available

One flat monthly price for unlimited users, contacts, customizations, and SO MUCH MORE…

Hours Saved Weekly

CRM Features


See a snapshot of your company on one easy-to-follow page!


Facebook, Google Analytics, Call Reporting, and more!

Facebook & GMB

Direct integration including messaging features with both!


See SMS, email, calls & Facebook messages all in one thread!

Websites & Funnels

Create websites and funnels within your CRM system!

Email Builder

High quality email builder that is built right in!

Zapier & API Connections

Easily connect any other systems you want through Zapier or API!

Tags & Automations

Unlimited Tags & Automations, making the sky the limit!


Synced calendar & appointments built directly in your CRM!

The Done Better Initiative

Business Done Better is the first arm to launch under the “Done Better Initiative.” For too long, ‘who wins the biggest’ are those who step on others, cut corners and choose money over humanity. The DBI provides pathways and incentives to do things with full integrity and from an altruistic perspective. 

Business Done Better specifically provides businesses with everything needed to do “better business” that benefits staff, clients, community, environment etc. and simultaneously creates for stronger and more lucrative business.



ToolBoxes are a “digital box of tools” on the same topic as that month’s theme.

This consists of extended interviews with all of that month’s speakers, often extra interviews with additional speakers, that month’s workshop with interactive worksheet, and additional “action items” to ensure full comprehension on that month’s focus.

One ToolBox is released per month. These are included in the Ultimate Membership and available at 50% off for our Enhanced Members.

Yes! If you do not own a business, it might not make sense to have a membership, but you can still attend events for free or for a small fee depending on the event. You can also still purchase ToolBoxes for the non-member price, and everyone is always free to peruse the virtual store of digital content and the members directory (coming soon) to find businesses striving to “do better business” for whatever you’re looking for!

Community Give Back events are required by each individual chapter to be conducted quarterly to monthly, depending on how long they have been a chapter or how many members are in that chapter. Community Give Back events consist of any event that is put together solely for the purpose of strengthening the local community. Examples include raising money for a non-profit, donating time to volunteer, a park cleanup, a food drive, etc. 

A CRM (“Customer Relations Management” software) is a platform that helps you manage and communicate with your clients and leads so that nothing falls through the cracks! See all text/call/email/business Facebook messages all in one thread! Keep track of your sales pipelines, Google and Facebook analytics, and so much more! (watch the commercial above!) Through this system you can even build forms, surveys, websites and funnels, all included!

Unlike all other CRM systems who upcharge per user, over a certain amount of contacts, and tempt you with all the bells and whistles that you can’t access without paying an arm and a leg, we only charge ONE-FLAT-FEE!

Also included are a full set of tutorial videos so you can be up and running in one day! No more 3 month learning curve!

We also pre-populate all accounts with optional automations to give you a headstart on using this to better your business. 

We are constantly adding more to this system, and will continue to give you access to all new features for NO additional cost! Now THAT is truly “CRM Done Better!”

We have big plans to provide for this, with phases rolling out in June. We are in the process of building a network of specialists in different industries who are all trained on CRM Done Better to provide…
* marketing and light business consulting
* “done with you” buildouts
* “done for you” buildouts

We are very excited to roll out our full membership options over the next few months.

This platform will soon have…

* The ability for members to upload blogs 

* Job Board

* Health Classes

* Business Classes

* Member Connect Roulette

Yes of course! Even as a global member, you still have access to all the following perks…
* Directory Listing
* Discounts on tools (CRM) and services 
* Member Spotlights (virtual shout-outs via email and social media)
* Contribute Blogs (boosts SEO!)
* Have any digital content? Be an Enhanced or Ultimate member and upload it on the BDB store!
* Member Connect Roulette – (optional) submit your name into the MCR weekly to connect to someone new! Even if you only have a local business, you never know what can come of an open ended conversation with a new professional connection… 

And of course attending all virtual events! Our main event on the first Tuesday of each month is always rich with value, plus we hold a virtual workshop for our global members!

Yes! While this is TBD based on the state of the world, our expectations are to have our first annual conference in the Fall of 2022. 

The top 3 members who obtain the most points the previous year will have special accommodations and will be publicly honored! The first place winner will have all travel and room paid for.

At Business Done Better, we are big advocates of personal responsibility. It makes no difference to us if you pay for a membership that you don’t use, however we are happy to provide incentives for all members to be maximally involved! 

Points are rewarded for:
* attending networking events
* attending chapter events
* attending global virtual events
* attending “Community Give Back” events
* contributing blogs
* having a CRM system
* participating in Member Connect Roulette 
* giving referrals 

The top 3 members with the most amount of points for the year will be honored at our annual conference, with the top winner receiving all expenses paid for! 

We don’t ever limit exactly what that means, but the primary foundation is simply to always strive to do “better” – better for staff, clients, community, environment and humanity, and to understand how doing so actually increases your bottom line!

At Business Done Better, we provide the tools, education, community and more to help businesses obtain their version of “better business”, and to continue to do so as times, needs and technology advances.