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The REAL "Dos Equis Man..."

The REAL “Dos Equis Man” – AKA “the most interesting man in the world”, David is a combination of all the impressive individuals below…
(scroll over each image for elaboration)

While we cannot release his picture nor last name as his full identity has been requested to be kept a secret, the purpose of this page is to explain the essence of possibly the most incredible individual on the planet in the hopes of 1) inspiring others to live their life to the fullest and 2) raising awareness and funds to give back to someone who has made it a habit of giving to everyone else his entire life. 

David has always given back to others without hesitation. Having never worked for anyone in his life and having made large amounts of money in the music industry alongside the best of the best (Faith Hill, Chaka Khan, Bee Gees, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, etc.) the extent to which he has given to others just financially speaking is quite extensive. 

Among countless other selfless acts, he has helped with Make-A-Wish, saved a very extensive list of people from whatever financial or spousal trouble they were experiencing, brightens the day of every person he encounters, and donated 1/3 of his net worth to an orphanage in Haiti ensuring they stayed open for an entire year thanks to his donation. He was one of the first backers for non-profits such as 4Ocean and Farm Sanctuary, and has been a regular contributor to countless other great causes over the decades.

He has always been the “rescuer” of all who have known him as well as to many strangers to whom he remains anonymous, but it is finally David who is in need of those decades of good karma to return to him.

15 years ago David experienced an incredibly serious traumatic brain injury, causing extensive damage to critical areas on the left side of his skull, resulting in an actual rip in the dura of his brain, among other very serious injuries. His ability to self-heal and his incredible knowledge of health have allowed him to defy the countless “90 days to live” diagnosis from numerous specialists over the years, to the wonderment of top medical practitioners and experts in TBI cases. However, there are pros and cons to outliving one’s estimated life expectancy – while the world is a brighter place with David in it, he never dreamed he would live this long and not having been able to make an income in over a decade combined with having given away so much of his net worth along the years, he finally has completely run out of money. 

David has not been told about this page, as he REFUSES handouts. Even with a short-term pending risk of being evicted which has a guarantee of his demise, he refuses to accept gifts that do not come with a direct exchange, despite his decades of good karma he has given to more individuals than he even realizes.

Rebecca, founder of Business Done Better has found a loop-hole in “David Logic” however – as his closest living friend, Rebecca is the only person he will accept money from. Rebecca and David have already worked out the ability for Rebecca to “pay David a salary” to help bring visibility to Business Done Better (this is in quotations as it is a loose arrangement, more accurately consisting of David simply being David and his salary consisting of whatever he needs financially, to repay him for a full life of being truly the best human being on the planet), however the business is still too new and does not have enough revenue to pay David what he needs to survive the next few weeks/months. 

This loophole allows Good Samaritans to purchase any sponsorship packages or select services of Business Done Better, to be serviced in one year from the purchase date, where 93% of these funds will go directly to David (everything has to be done in 3’s with David, with the remaining 7% going towards fees).

Please click on the Sponsorship Deck or Business Services buttons to see what services you would be interested in purchasing under this arrangement. There is also the option of purchasing a year of Membership Services or CRM Services for this same agreement. If you would like to donate money directly to David without the exchange of services, this is an option as well and any amount can be arranged. 

For any amount chosen, an invoice will be sent detailing these arrangements. Payments can be made via credit card, ACH, Venmo or Zelle.

What is needed:

  • $3,000 ASAP to get David through October 1st
  • $9,000 in total by the end of October
  • $16,000 to help get David’s teeth fixed – due to his accident, his teeth need extensive dental work – he already has an infection developing due to them not being fixed properly and they are causing him so much pain he barely eat even soft foods anymore…
  • + $9,000 to get through November

$33,000 gets David through the end of November + his teeth fixed so he can eat again without unimaginable pain.

There are plans in the works to have David financially stable hopefully by the end of October, but it could be as late as January. If these plans are delayed until January, $39,000 will have to be raised to get him through the end of the year. 


Updates on where things stand will be listed here:

  • August 30th – This page was just created, no funds have yet been received. 
  • September 29 – David had previously stated he didn’t want this being circulated because he has such a hard time receiving help, but he has run out of hope yet is very clear that he wants to live, so this page is being selectively shared in hopes we can help save this amazing human being.