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Non-Profit Partners

“Community” is one of the pillars of Business Done Better, as we all co-exist in local, regional and national communities, as well as the community of the human race. We believe that giving back is a core component of being in society, as through giving back we have the ability to connect to others, strengthen components of the local community, as well as increase the belief of humans in each other. It feels good to give simply to give, and the more of that we do, the more positive of an impact we make on the world. 

Each chapter of Business Done Better has a quarterly requirement to put on a local community give back event, and we also support select national charities at the organizational level.

Cancer Schmancer

Business Done Better is proud to have Cancer Schmancer be our chosen featured non-profit. Cancer Schmancer focuses on prevention over all else, via education, early detection and policy change. 

This charity is fully transparent in what they do, why and how. We are proud to support organizations truly making a vast and sustainable difference, truly embodied by Cancer Schmancer. 

Go to their website directly to donate. 

More Charities

More coming soon!

Interested in becoming a partner?  Check out our packages!